Friday, October 16, 2015

What Are You Wearing?

Time to check out what some wrestlers are wearing in the ring these days. From ensembles that match to wild prints to skimpy little briefs, here's a collection of some notable ring gear.
Ethan Carter III's...what is that print supposed to be of?

Mike Verna's matching trunks and knee pads

Darin Dinero's jean shorts (love 'em? hate 'em?)

Charlie Garret's triopical ensemble

Ringo Ryan's split personality singlet

Damian Gibbs' underwear look

Cam Zagami's bright orange trunks

The Magnums' animal print ensemble 

Tyson Furia's gold "speedos" and arm wrap

Wayne De Wayne's tight, skimpy trunks


  1. EC3 - snakeskin prints?
    Mike Verna - was never a fan really, but those steel prints are great jobber trunks. All of a sudden, I think it'd be hot to see him got stomped
    Charlie Garrett - he lost some points with me with that outfit
    Tyson Furia - that man can land a gig as a real-life Oscar when the Academy Awards come out

  2. I will say that Ethan Carter is the my favorite.

  3. Number 7 to 10.Colorful skimpy tight and goes good with the body.Tyson Furia a plus.ZAgami Young and arrogant perfect.

  4. No fan of the jean shorts. I don't recall seeing a Dinero match in which he wore anything but regular wrestling gear, though.
    I realize there is a "camp" factor in pro wrestling, but I don't like patterned kneepads. There must be a some custom suppliers making a bundle off these guys. Match the boots or a color in the trunks, but make 'em one single color.

    1. The pics don't really do him justice. A recently posted match of Dinero's is in the middle of this video show here:
      He had nice, normal brief trunks.

  5. Love the patterns and the skimpy bright colors. I hate the jean/cargos gear on everyone lol *looking at you Cena*

  6. The skimpy ones of Furia make him look stupid, and emphasize his not-quite-ripped midsection.
    If you're going to be a porn star, be one. If you are going to be a pro a wrestler, look like one.

  7. My basic view is that when you have a great body - show it off. Jeans, long tights etc are a real turn off when the body is looking good. I really dislike the ring gear of John Cena, Samuel Shaw even Fandango. In the pics above, ECIII certainly wins 1st place. Wayne De Wayne, Tyson Funia, Cam Zagani and Charlie Garrett all look good. Anthony Nese looks great in his basic black.

    1. I agree with all the comments that jeans suck when the wrestler has some hot glutes to show off. You can see them bursting even Cena's jeans. Remember when they were fitted in spandex trunks glory:

      That said, if a wrestler doesn't have good legs, and if it fits his persona, then jeans are good, though I honestly can't think of anyone. Maybe Raven? I guess it's rare. I really liked Chris Benoit when he was in full length tights though. Same with Shawn Michaels (can't imagine him in trunks though I saw his Playgirl pics lol). Oh and obviously overweight guys like Big Show don't need to be more revealing

      Haha yeah Tyson Furia looks like a gay porn star. He doesn't do it for me, but I like the suggestion