Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Body Shots : Selfies

Time for another batch of selfies. What do you think of selfies? Is someone who take lots of them a narcissist? Are selfies a good way to share a photo of yourself with others? Weigh in on this topic in the Comments section below.
Randy Summers

Dylan Bostic

Simon Falcon

Brian Cage

Radomir Petkovic

Sammy Smooth (UK)

The Big O
Joey Ryan
Darin Dinero

Chris Dickinson


  1. "Selfie" by its very own definition is narcissistic. I hate it so much. But I can't say I hate these photos. It's just such a big part of gay life especially. It can definitely depress and overwhelm at times. Of course, we're getting pics of hot guys we never had before, so can't complain there

    1. Recalling that selfie is a shortening of self-portrait, are all those by Rembrandt et al. narcissist? Again, maybe in part, but they also served a valid artistic purpose. Context is important!

    2. just look at the big cock on dickinson

  2. Well...some selfies are good photos, but when you can see the phone and the "self" isn't looking at you, not so much.

    Now when the typical person takes an extreme number of them, that does tend toward narcissism. It's okay if you're making a record of something you really want to memorialize or to Share an experience with someone significant to you. But anything can be taken overboard.

    However, when your career depends on your face and/or body as an actor/model/wrestler/bodybuilder, that's a different matter. Judging your own appearance can be useful. Also, many in those fields have fan bases that appreciate them, especially if that person is working toward a goal. And, people also want to know a little about the person behind the physical fa├žade.

    Of course, it become yet something else again when followers start demanding a constant supply and obsess about the "object" of fascination. Then it can even become dangerous.

    Of course, I've only ever taken one selfie ever, years ago, so who am I to judge? I'll be 62 next month and no ones idea of an Apollo or Herakles. So no demand and maybe my attitude is generational.

  3. Yes, I would argue a Rembrandt self-portrait is a very mild degree of narcissism. You take enough pride to capture some likeness of yourself. Everyone has varying degrees at various stages in their life. But I'm of the opinion that everyone has varying degrees of psychoses.

    I agree with all the points above of narcissism. There's danger in doing too much and appeasing a public demand. At the same time, we know about many of these hot indy wrestlers because they are so self-promotional. Personally, I'm not as good-looking as these guys though I aspire to be, so even though I enjoy discovering new meat pics, a part of me feels down simultaneously when reminded of an unreachable goal