Thursday, October 4, 2012

Beefcakes In Action


  1. I loved the Wade Barrett vs Zack Ryder, its was reminiscent of old school WWF - a big heel punishing a muscular prettyboy, making him suffer in the ring.
    I miss the days of seeing pretty studs look like they are getting really punished in the ring and suffering with good and long submission holds.
    No-one can do the punished look like the 80s/90s era of wrestlers and todays bearhugs are lame also in comparison.

    ..but matches like this (Barrett/Ryder) was a good reminder of how it used to be done.

  2. AMEN Dr. Fever....Watched the match-> Barrett vs Ryder on TV and gotta say, I haven't been that "into" a match like that, in Many years...Barrett Brutalizing Ryder sent me right over the top..Especially when Barrett began working on Ryders mouth ( 3rd pic down ) and Ryder began to yell quite loudly ( to get the crowd & ME ) going!! Gotta be the HOTTEST match I've seen in a Long time!!