Friday, October 5, 2012


I want to give a warm welcome to the newest members of this blog -- now at 301 -- and to say "thank you" for signing up with us. I hope you'll enjoy reading Beefcakes of Wrestling as much as I enjoy working on it. And speaking of "wilkommen," here are some German beefcakes from the New European Championship federation (NEW). You can check out NEW's YouTube channel here.
Adrian Severe


The Arabian Star

Watch Adrian Severe and Bad Bones take on a couple of huge opponents in this match. Severe is pretty exciting to watch when he does his parkour and high-flying moves.

Uh-oh, Severe is in big trouble.


  1. Adrian Severe and Mexx and great hot wrestlers.
    With Freddie Asstasico (awesome name),
    Sasa Keel,
    Toby Nathland
    and didnt (also vhot) Daniel Pruehs wrestle in germany for a while.

    Those germans are lucky... (packs my bags to germany for a spot of beefcake-watching!)

  2. Thumbs up, indeed, Stay Puft! So beefy... and sooo hot!