Monday, October 15, 2012

Hot Under The Dog Collar

I don't know when dog collar matches were first introduced to the audiences of professional wrestling. Was it back in the 1970s when promoters sensed that bored fans needed something new to lure them back into the arenas? I recall pro wrestling magazines from that decade featuring lots of photos of "gimmick" matches (cage matches, lumberjack matches, strap matches). I remember one editorial in particular, a dog collar chain match between Ken Patera and Chief Jay Strongbow. Well, it seems Chicago Style Wrestling is trying to bring these kinds of matches back. Our good friend and regular contributor Jim from Chicago took these photos of Vic "The Ice Pick" Capri in a dog collar match last Oct. 12 at the Mont Clare Lanes. Vic's opponent was Ripper Manson. Jim writes that "the match got a tad bloody with Ripper Manson suffering the first cut. In the end though, our super hero "The Ice Pick" won the match." Thanks for these amazing shots, Jim! Looking forward to the next set!  


  1. These photos are any domination fans dream!

    Vic has such an amazing body.
    I would prefare him to be wrestling in trunks, but I've got to say he does look hot wrestling in jeans

  2. Just when you think Vic couldn't look any hotter! (I mean, I didn't used to think to myself, "This man needs a dog collar," but it certainly doesn't HURT...)

  3. I agree with Dr Fever. Vic looks great in trunks, the briefer the better. He is exceptionally good-looking: makes the rest of us look like shit, dammit!