Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Men In Masks

Happy Halloween, readers! I came across these images of legendary Mexican luchador Santo's comic books on a lucha website. Pretty camp, eh? But if someone ever produces a movie or TV show where the hero is dressed like this, you can bet I'm going to watch it.

They seem to love whipping Santo.

Here's another Mexican luchador in a mask, albeit a more current one. He goes by the name Olympico and from what I can tell, he's what they call a rudo (translation : heel).  The 5 ft. 11, 200 pound "Olympian"made his debut in Mexico in 1992. For years he wrestled with his face covered until he was unmasked in 2010.

Olympico unmasked.

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  1. SANTO was ALWAYS an interest of mine. I used to LOVE watching his late night movies ; so many GREAT scenes of him in the pro ring, outside the ring getting pummeled by evil henchmen and gun-toting thugs who could SO EASILY end the battles with one bullet, but choose instead to fight him "MANO-A-MANO". Who WOULDN'T prefer to rub up against this masked, bulging, muscular beefcake of a man? SANTO will ALWAYS be a HOT, secret fantasy of mine. (Oops! I guess the fantasy's not exactly "secret" anymore...but at least it'll ALWAYS be HOT! Grrrrr...)