Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jason Jones

Someone emailed me recently requesting for posts on several independent wrestlers, all of whom, quite frankly, I had never heard of. But here at Beefcakes of Wrestling we aim to please, so here is one of the guys whose name was in the list: Jason Jones. I found very little online about this 5 ft. 10 in., 210 pound, 25 year old pro; a site devoted to Japanese pro wrestling (Puroresu Representin') had this brief write-up: "Jason Jones is a 7-year veteran who will make his NOAH debut in April 2010. Originally from North Carolina, he began competing in the indies after he graduated in 2003, starting out in the EWA and various other promotions before joining WLW in 2008. He relocated to Japan in March 2010 in preparation for his NOAH debut." Watch Jason in a match against Malachi here and a match against another NOAH wrestler, Kentaro Shiga, here.

Jason Tosses An Opponent

Malachi Humiliates Jason With His Boot

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