Friday, September 6, 2013

Adam vs Silas

Also featured in Ring Of Honor's "Manhattan Mayhem V" show held last month in New York was this match between Adam Page and Silas Young. I don't know much about either of these wrestlers (okay, full disclosure, I know nothing about these guys), but if you like watching matches between older "daddy"-types andyounger guys, then this bout is for you. Oh, and Young took the match by pinning Page. (Photos by Scott Finkelstein)
Adam Page

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Silas Young

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Now that's sportsmanship.


  1. Talk about my Dream match !! Silas Young..Hairy Chested, Goodlookin and Brutal in the ring... he did several T.V. matches here in Fla... I was luckie enough to see...Pitted against HOT-Young--smooth chested Page??? OMG !! Talk about Drool--Drool !! Knowing Young's attitude in the ring, im more than sure he Worked the kid over with plenty of Low Blows. Let's pray it hits YouTube ! P/S..Wonder if Young worked the kid in a SideHeadlock?? Holy Crap, that kid's face being worked against THAT CHEST !!

  2. I've been hot for Adam Page since he was the fair-haired youth, and he's only getting better with age. Just keep him in those tight bulging trunks, and keep his earnest-countryboy-musclestud angle going, and his fan base will be skyrocketing.

  3. This looks so hot! And sexy young hunk like Page going up against a gorgeous stud like Young. Glad Silas pinned the young buck. Hope we can see the match one of these days.