Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Double Post : Alex Koslov and Michael Elgin

From the star-studded Ring Of Honor "Manhattan Mayhem V" show held in New York last August 17th comes two more matches. First, here's Alex Koslov and his tag team partner Rocky Romero (aka The Hooligans) vs The Young Bucks. Koslov and Romero defeated the babyface duo in this non-title bout.

Also on that night's card, Michael Elgin faced Machine Gun Karl Anderson in a quarter final match in the ROH World Title tournament. Fans of Elgin will be pleased to know that he defeated his big opponent. (All photos by Scott Finkelstein)

1 comment:

  1. OMG! The 2 pic's of Anderson working over Elgin's face..Priceless. First Anderson work's on Elgin's nose and mouth, his hand covering Elgin's nose as well as his fingers digging into Elgin's mouth. Great way to punish the kid. The 2nd pic. Anderson rakes Elgin's face and eyes. I know im going to enjoy Anderson's matches in the future. He looks to be one hell of a Heel.