Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ashton's On Fire

A good friend of this blog and one of its regular contributors, Jim from Chicago, emailed two sets of photos he took at a Resistance Pro Wrestling show he attended recently. Check out Ashton Vuitton in this six-man tag team match. Ashton's partners were Remi Wilkins and Hate and their opponents were Mad Man Pondo and Two Star Heroes. Jim says "it was mayhem from the start with all men battling in the ring and the referee pretty much gave up on officiating. Ashton won the match for his team, but while celebrating their win, Raven came into the ring and tossed a fireball at him." Ouch! That must have hurt. Here's hoping Ashton recovers quickly so he can get back in the ring ASAP. Thanks for these awesome pics, Jim. I'm sure Ashton's fans would like to thank you, too.

At this point, Raven entered with his fireball. 

Eric St. Vaughn, Ashton's valet, carries him back to the locker room.


  1. Awesome! Love Ashton. Do you have any idea of his height/weight? I've googled, but only found one mention of height @ 6'2" and nothing on weight. He seems to be getting bigger/more muscular, which looks really good on him.

  2. Ashton! Best trunks ever. And that bottom picture warms my heart.