Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Body Shots

Huge and musclebound vs. lean and muscular -- who would you like to see win a match?
Jessie Godderz

JJ Garrett

Brian Cage

Ryan Taylor

Rob Terry

Ashton Vuitton

John Cena

Justin Gabriel

Christian York

Mikey Miller


  1. I wish the current craze for facial hair would end. Brian Cage is a handsome man. But his present facial hair (rudely known as 'bugger's grips' in British Armyspeak) makes him look like Wolfman. Randy Orton has the powerful good looks of a military Roman Emperor, but is not improved by his present beard, either.

  2. The last fellow is Mikey Miller who joined the US Air Force this past spring.

  3. Jessie, Cage, Terry, Cena and the Dreadlock'd hottie, beating up JJ-->Ryan-->Ashton-->Justin and the Blue speedo hottie. In a 10 man tag, or 1 on 1. Either way, watching all that Muscle working over all the Pretty Boyz....Yum and Delicious.

  4. I would love to see all of these studs get a good beating'!!

    -also, I don't know who the sexy young grappler is in the last photo (he looks familiar, does anyone know him?) he looks a bit like Brit-muscle boy Josh Bodom, but with added tattoo.

  5. My money is on the HUGE guys! Back in Ancient Greece, wrestlers were always the BIG and BEEFY as there was no weight class. Obviously, the bigger you were, the more chances you had in winning. The leaner and athletic type dudes did the foot race and pentathlon.

  6. Love to watch Godderz, Cage, and Cena as much as I love Gabriel (as well as Orton and Ziggler). Does that mean I'm ambidextrous?

  7. Dreds guy is Christian York, (formerly?) TNA gutcheck signee.

  8. I love seeing the big guys like Godderz, Cage,, Ryback Terry and company beat the living crap out of the smaller guys.