Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Frenchman In Florida

David, a good friend of this blog who has been contributing photos he's taken of the Florida wrestling scene, sent me some brand new shots of NXT's Sylvester LeFort who used to wrestle in his native France as Tom La Ruffa. David says in previous matches, LeFort/La Ruffa wrestled in tag teams and always wore tights. But now that he's being featured in singles matches, he's pulled out all the stops;  wrestles in the speedo-type trunks that show off that awesome Florida tan. Thanks for these amazing pics, David!


  1. I was so happy when he had been signed by WWE, and it was kind of sad when they were using him as a manager, still good but you know. But now! So glad he's in the ring (in trunks!)!

  2. I first came across La Ruffa when I was searching for pro wrestlers who used the gladiator theme (not as common as you might think) and he popped up. Unfortunately, haven't seen much as I'd like of him in action, but I enjoyed what I watched.