Monday, March 24, 2014

Body Shots : Tattoos

Tattoos on beefcake wrestlers: yes or no?
Corey Graves (photographed by our good friend David)

Tango Timm Wylie

Kharn Alexander

Chris Masters (right) with Kenzo Richards



Andi A. Pex


Daniel Pruehs aka Daniel Pruce aka Jack Hammer


  1. Depends on the wrestler and the tattoo. In the pics Graves, Alexander, Batista, Pex and Ricochet don't do it for me. On the other hand Wylie and Arkim are as hot as!

  2. Mixed feelings about tattoos. Randy Orton, a handsome man, has not been improved by his growing collection of them. One or two, as Orton used to have, can look macho. Arkim is not improved by his ones.

  3. I can appreciate some of the art, and one or two can be nice, even several if there is a unified design scheme, but in general it is like putting graffiti on a work of art, and the color ones often look like open sores. Kharn, Daniel, Chris, et al., please stop!!!

  4. I usually prefer ink-free wrestlers, but some wrestlers do suit them.
    Great photo of Corey Graves (cheers David)

    btw- the worst tattoo ever is that idiotic, embarrassing, huge tattoo on AJ Styles of his own name.

    1. From what I heard AJ Styles' initials tattoo on his ribs has personal significance as it has his 4 children's dates of birth and their names all begin with A as does his real name.

  5. It depends on the canvas and the quality of the ink. Generally, less is more. Timm, Masters, and Arkim are the best of this lot. I remember the days when most tattoos were truly horrid newspaper ink blue-black, so I find today's colors a big improvement. Again, it's the quality of the art, not the colors.