Friday, January 16, 2015

Pecs For Days (Part 2)

A week ago, I posted a bunch of photos of wrestlers with thick, meaty, muscular pectoral muscles (Missed it? Click here). Soon after, comments and emails about who should also have been included started pouring in. Some of them were about this guy...

Someone sure is happy to see Sylvain!

Sylvain Grenier. Yeah, how could any post on pec muscles not include Sylvain Grenier? Here are a few more candidates. And who knows, maybe a Part 3 is coming soon.
Chris Masters

Antonio Cesaro aka Claudio Castagnoli

Milad Akkbar

Gunner aka Phil Shatter
Vic Capri

Michael Spanos

Matt Duvall

Josh Daniels

Johnny Stamboli

Jaxon Dane

Steve Lewington aka DJ Gabriel

And of course, Mr. PEC-tacular himself, Jessie Godderz.


  1. When is that first picture of Grenier from? That's the most impressive image I've ever seen of him.

  2. Hard not to appreciate Grenier, but, sorry to say, recently he has developed quite the paunch. Can someone find a recent pic/vid that shows otherwise?

    1. I hate people who can make a paunch like that look so sexy :/

  3. You have made me a VERY HAPPY man with those pics of Sylvan Greiner, Chris Masters, Steve Lewington, Milad Akbar and Jesse Godderz. These are the best pecs in wrestling. Thanks again.