Thursday, November 18, 2010

Classic Zenk

Tom Zenk, Z-Man -- whatever he called himself back then --  is a classic Beefcake of Wrestling!


  1. Ahhhh...TOMMY ZENK - he was my "FIRST" (Yeah! Don't I WISH!) I've always wondered how many OTHER guys out there have had their latent, homosexual urges awakened by the sight of Z-Man lying there on the ring surface with his muscular legs opened widely and his legendary, bulging crotch fully exposed for the world to see. I've lost LOTS of drool and many LOADS of 'half-kids' over the years marveling at the magnificence of Z-Man's body. It was while I was watching Z-Man squirm and writhe about upon the ring floor, when I first felt my own boys inaugural stirrings. I must have been 14, 15 maybe. Tommy has just ALWAYS had it; that inexplicable, undefinable X-Factor...or more aptly, SEX factor. He's just always been this stunningly handsome, beautifully put-together man, whose classically handsome face- especially those eyes and that smile - make you want to just keep on looking at him...FOREVER! He's a "jobbing" pro; a true artist at 'feigning pain'. He gets his entire body into the act and together with the television cameras, there is a homoerotic dance going on during which he clearly delights over having invited the viewing audience to ravage every inch of his body with their eyes. Like a veteran gay male porn star, Tom writhes about slowly and calculatingly; adopting various sexually suggestive positions before the cameras always displaying the very best body angles by spreading his legs part widely, or else thrusting out his pelvic area or maybe arching his back. And amid all these body contortions, extensions, and of course... his trademark groin embellishing, thigh-spreadings, there are the exquisite expressions that he wears upon his face. His greatest talent as a jobber, in my opinion, is his consistently seductive vulnerability. Poor Tom! He's down, he's in pain, and he's aching for 'RELEASE'. We just want to climb through our televisions and into the ring to 'help him out'. But at the same time, we don't want his deliciously seductive, writhing and squirming to stop. We want to lay there with him on the ring floor and rub ALL of his sore, aching, THROBBING body parts. O.K. We want to help him OUT...but honestly...what we all want to help TOMMY OUT OF HIS BULGING SPEEDO! "There there, Tommy. It'll be O.K. Shhhhh. I'll make it all better. Just lay back and close your eyes, big guy!"

    1. Mike I agree with you entirely!

  2. Without a doubt this guy did it for me.. I would leave my marital bed and then watch previously taped Zenk wrestling

  3. I would freeze frame while on his knees with the sac hanging below and his ass crack wet! I would then slowly rub out a huge load. Fuck he is/was hot! Would still like to see him now!

  4. Tom was incredible! Remember in a tag match, his opponents got him on the top ropes and shook the ropes so that Tom's "boys" would land on the next rung. He fell in agony, landing on the ring floor face down with his legs spread, kicking and massaging each nut. His fellow team members, tried to help him: flipped him over -- with one rubbing his pecs and the other lifting up the top of his trunks! Remember guys in the audience got right up to the ring apron and took photos with cameras (with zoom lenses) of that!

    And I think some of the commentators "noticed" Tom, too. I remember, when a tight, struggling torso shot of him came on screen, Jim Cornett --sounding like his mouth just went dry -- saying, "Oh -- holy... mackerel!"