Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Separated At Birth?

My friend Joe over at Ringside At Skull Island recently wrote that "comparisons are always a stretch, an eye of the beholder thing." So here's what my eye beholds. Each time I see a picture of BG East hunk Brad Rochelle, I can't help but think of Saturday Night Live funnyman Adam Samberg. Samberg may pull off goofy faces all the time, but he's really kinda good looking.
Brad Rochelle


And while I'm at it, another BG East stud, Wade Cutler looks like handsome TV actor Mark Valley (except for the color of his eyes).
Wade Cutler

Mark Valley


  1. Love your blog but have to tell you that Brad Rochelle should not be compare to Andy Samberg. Brad yummy,Andy no so much.

    1. bActually, I think Brad Rochelle looks like Andy Pettite's twin brother.