Sunday, November 21, 2010

Simply Jessie

From the Wrestling Fan Xperience (WFX) Facebook photo album comes these shots of Mr. PEC-tacular and former Big Brother contestant Jessie Godderz. Photos by April Plett.


  1. From the first time Jesse commented on Big Brother about wanting to be a sports entertainer, I was hooked. This guy has the looks and body made for wrestling, the perfect handsome, muscular heel. I saw this match on WFX website where he pulled his blonde jobber opponent up before the 3-count and then locked down a cross-face chicken wing...JUST SO HE COULD HEAR HIS VICTIM SCREAM SUBMISSION...what a great match! I noticed that WFX stopped posting matches...anyone know if they archived their shows or if the match I described is anywhere else on the web? It was aweseome the way Jesse locked all his muscles on his hapless opponent...

  2. Hey, that's Hardcore Holly who's getting his butt beaten in a couple of these pictures. Are there any pictures of him here? And he has tattoos now. Hot!