Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This And That

Today's post is about a few things I've been wanting to share with you, gentle reader. First of all, what's up with the "old-timey" wrestling look that some wrestlers have been using? You may have seen new WWE tag team The Vaudevillians and their old school gear and gimmick, while over in England, we have young British heel Tyler Bate going for the same thing...

The Vaudevillians
Your thoughts? Speaking of "old-timey," I like this promo pic for a match between Paul Ryker and Iestyn Rees.
Compare it to these full-color promo pics of wrestlers who are about to get it on.
Danny Walsh vs Joel Redman

Jimmy Nutts (right)

Tyler Hawke vs Ultimo Tiger
Now let's check out a few more photos that my good friend David took of NXT's Jason Jordan. When the first batch of these photos was posted, a reader left a comment asking if there were more "candid shots". I'm not sure what he meant by candid, but David obliged his request and emailed me these pics. Thanks, David!


  1. I like it! Some originality. Show us more of Bate and the Vaudevillians, please. Of course, the full color shots are wonderful. But I like the B&W, too. A very cool look. It'd be nice if any videos of these gentlemen in ring action were also in B&W. Do they do a full Charlie Chaplin schtick?

  2. Most of the Jordan pics don't have good angles and have obtrusive ring ropes. David takes very good pics, but these, IMO, don't display Jordan optimally.

    1. David was simply obliging a request from a reader who wanted to see more pics from this match. These pics were not included in the original batch he sent me. Having once tried to photograph a pro wrestling match myself, I can say that it is very diificult to produce good photos, especially if your equipment is of the amateur kind like mine is. The action in a match is so fast-paced, many of my photographs turned out blurred. Then there are obstructions like ring posts, ropes, and referees. In spite of all these, I'd say David did a great job.

    2. I have no intent to disparage David. I'm well aware that photographs are not taken under convenient conditions. But even excellent photogs can take less than optimum images, in fact they'll tell you that most of what's in the camera is junk. Even if the photographer can't avoid them with the best will in the world, I find obstructions especially annoying. The ropes cut across the faces in three of the images and in the third goes right over the eyes, the most expressive part of the face. What are otherwise great pix lose something.

  3. David did do a damn good job and should continue to supply! The only bad picture was the yellowish one of Jason and Baron. But even then it's better than some I've seen.

    Plus the guy can't help the angle he was sitting at. He can't move everywhere like a hired photographer for the company.

  4. Please post more pictures of Jordan in those tights.

  5. Fantastic pics, thanks alot for posting more. Love these photos. :))