Thursday, November 2, 2017

Animated Character

Longtime contributor and a good friend of this blog, David, has another new batch of awesome photos for us. This time they're of recently-signed-to-NXT Donovan Dijak (he made his debut with them on September 23). David says that 6'7" Dijak, as he's called in NXT, is not only a superb athlete, he's great at "selling" too. Dijak has the most animated facial expressions and body posture when he's in a match. His opponents in these two matches are 6'3" German wrestler Marcel Barthel (formerly known as Axel Dieter, Jr.) and a tall new Chinese recruit named Big Boa. Thanks for these awesome pics, David.


  1. Yes, Dijak knows how to make his big muscles look useless and pathetic

  2. And thanks for the photos David!! Feel really lucky to get such vip access to these shows