Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beefcake Hall of Fame - Ken Shamrock

One of the legends in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, Ken Shamrock (real name Kenneth Wayne Kilptarick) was also one of the most popular stars of WWE in the late 1990s.  Before his stint with WWE, Shamrock was wrestling for independent companies like South Atlantic Pro Wrestling; at one point, he was even renamed Vince Torelli. I recall a notable feud Shamrock had with another MMA figher-turned-wrestler in the WWE, Steve Blackman (see more of him here); click here to see Shamrock vs. Blackman in a cage match. Shamrock is now 46 years old. 


  1. One of the hardest and hottest bodies in pro-wrestling ever.

  2. I want to punch him in the stomach

  3. To my eye, he is still one of the sexiest wrestlers ever. Please post more photos of him!