Friday, September 3, 2010

Filipino Blood

Thought I'd pay a little tribute to my Filipino heritage by featuring the very few Filipino-American pro wrestlers I've come across on the web. Who better to start with than Batista (born David Allan Bautista) who has a tattoo of the Philippine flag on his left shoulder.

Not as famous as Batista, but popular in his own right is T.J. Perkins who used to go by the moniker "Pinoy Boy" (Pinoy is slang for Filipino).

This next guy is Chris Masangkay, a relatively obscure indy who also calls himself "The Pinoy Prodigy."

I don't know who this guy is, but his flag-tights are a dead give-away.

And last but not the least is non-wrestler Erick de Chavez, who is (was?) Britboy Chris Geary's partner in life and in a couple of wrestling videos (see them here).

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