Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jeff Farmer aka Cobra

I remember the first time I saw Jeff Farmer wrestling as Cobra on a WCW program (this was around 1995). There on my television set was this clean cut, musclebound beefcake with a huge chest...and I went "whooa!!! Who is this guy?"  Although Goldberg was my favorite WCW wrestler at that time, Cobra came a very close second. I later found out Farmer used to wrestle in a tag team for Florida's IWF called Thunder and Lightning -- he was Lightning -- in the early 90s (see last 3 photos below). Farmer gained more popularity as WCW's Bogus Sting/nWo Sting in 1996. He continued to wrestle for WCW and as an independent till 2005.  Click here to watch a match between Cobra and Lex Luger.

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