Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chasyn Rance

One of the contributors to Beefcakes of Wrestling, David, emailed three pics he took of Florida-based indie wrestler Chasyn Rance (27 years old, 180 pounds). Since I wasn't familiar with this dark-haired cruiserweight, I did a little internet research and discovered two interesting things about him; first, he was on a VH-1 reality show called Tool Academy, and second, he was arrested in July after being accused of having sex with a teenage girl. You won't find that information on his website (Thanks again, David, for the pics; see last three photos below.)

Chasyn Rance faces Nooie Lee

Photo by David

Photo by David

Photo by David

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  1. Chasyn is world class when it comes to his fans. He truly appreciates their support. His unfortunate arrest has not blemished his name by his true fans. He will make it right.