Sunday, October 17, 2010

Two Faces

He used to wrestle as masked luchador Dos Caras Jr. (literally, Two Faces, Jr.), but these days, the WWE's Alberto del Rio (real name Alberto Rodriguez, son of Mexico's legendary Dos Caras) proudly shows off his Latin good looks to the crowd. Alberto also wrestled as Alberto Banderas for FCW before signing a three year contract with WWE.

Dos Caras Jr.

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  1. I DID NOT know that Del Rio had been a masked luchador prior to wrestling for WWE. WOW! He IS one VERY HANDSOME Latino man. I'm glad he's out from behind the mask, but GAWD... the mask looks HOT on him too! Those red, black, and sky-blue tights DO look mighty sexy on the man!

    I normally LOVE seeing tights on a well-built wrestler, but Del Rio's WWE, signature, tight, golden, speedo-style trunks look absolutely PERFECT on him; and..."if it ain't BROKE..."