Saturday, October 2, 2010

From Tyler To Seth?

Tyler Black posted on his Twitter account that his new WWE name may possibly be Seth Rollins. Huh? Why change names at all? 


  1. i don't know about the name. but i know that's a good sweaty pic.

  2. The reason the WWE does that is so they own the copyright to the name. If, or I guess nowadays it should be when, the wrestler leaves he/she can't use the name anymore. Which can be difficult for wrestlers who worked their way up the ranks. Oh well...guess they'll just have to sign that new contract fro a 20% pay cut and no toy royalties. ;P

  3. Thanks for the information, magusxxx. That's something I didn't know before.

    And Mechadude, I was originally going to title my post for this photo "Sweat." :-)