Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Man Of Steele

Some years back, way before YouTube was even invented, I used to see photos of a hot British wrestler with a buzzcut and a tight blue singlet on the internet. I found out his name is Gary Steele (6 ft. 3 in, 248 lbs.). With his boyish good looks, cleancut image and athleticism,  he was quite the fan favorite in the UK and Europe. Steele even competed in the USA for a while (see his Wikipedia entry here) and held a few titles during his heyday in the ring. Although no longer competing, you can still find a couple of Steele's matches on YouTube, like this one (the quality of the video isn't very good hence the blurry screencap images below). There's also this championship match and this brief promo (no, that's not his bulge the camera is zooming in on...or is it?).  

Nice view!
Spandex can really hug your assets.

There's that sweet ass again.

Is that a foreign object in his singlet?

You could bounce a quarter off that.

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