Monday, June 6, 2011

Junior Beefcake

Here at Beefcakes of Wrestling, we like to feature big, tall, musclebound studs. But there's room in here, too for the smaller, shorter, "hot in their own way" hunks like Marty Scurll and Noam Dar. 23 year old Marty Scurll is from Cambridgeshire in England, is 5 ft. 9 inches tall and weighs 180 pounds. Noam Dar hails from Scotland and is only 17 years old yet he's already the 1PW Open Weight Champion. Here are photos from a four-way championship match between Marty, Noam, Joey Hayes and Kris Travis held on May 27 in the UK. (Photos by Tony Knox)
Marty Scurll

Noam Dar


  1. can u post some about stan stylz ??