Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Strongman Samson

I had never heard of the wrestler Jerry Samson until one of this blog's readers emailed me a link to his match against bald heel Chris Steiner (and I'm guessing this could be from the late 1980s). I tried to find more information and pictures of this tall, blonde muscleman but came up with nothing. Although he's not the most agile of wrestlers, Samson has strength, power, and that amazing physique. Too bad he didn't become a bigger star. Watch Samson in action here.
Look at those shoulders!

And that back!


  1. The era is the 80s and the area is Portland wrestling. "Jerry Sampson" will get you some Google hits, mainly tapes for sale from 80s Portland on IOffer. I couldn't find any other pics either.

  2. http://www.tomzenk.net/match_results_PNW.html

    He's all over this page. Tom Zenk and Jerry Sampson on all the shows, oh yeah -Uh-huh - I think I'd be there. In fact, if the videos of the shows were hand held filmed close up ringside I'd run to IOffer to see all the Portland compilations they had.