Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The White Stuff

Tony Nese/Maverick
Dirty Money

Brett Idol/Brett Barnes

Bruce Santee

Idol Stevens

Mike Mondo

Tommy Titus

Handsome Stranger (aka Marcus Bagwell)

Can-Am Connection (Rick Martel & Tom Zenk)


  1. i would not say no to any of em!

  2. Damn, look at all these fine specimens of man in white!

  3. For me, this is what pro wrestling is all about. Hot blokes in tight, white lycra trunks. Okay, MAYBE yellow or baby blue but nothing shows it all off but WHITE. And if the wrestler is smart (and if we are lucky) he will have removed any sort of front crotch lining; we've got to be able to see the complete outline of his fat cock and balls whilst he's wrestling....

  4. That last picture of ZENK and MARTEL is very...ummm...REVEALING! In MY opinion, Tom Zenk has ALWAYS been the hottest-looking , biggest bulged wrestler OF ALL TIME! GIVE IN already, Tommy, and "rent yourself out" for "personal appearances". You could EASILY charge an ARM and a LEG for just one one-minute-long GROPING session of that epic GROIN REGION of yours! The men would line up for many, many miles and you could retire within a few months! I'm just offering up the idea as something to think about.) THAT...or else gay wrestling porn. Either way, you'd be set for life..and you'd leave behind you so many VERY HAPPY, panting, goofy smiling, "SPENT" men. Such beauty shouldn't be wasted.