Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nese From Every Angle

I had a difficult time editing the number of photos of this match featuring Tony Nese (vs. Jon Davis); among the dozens of images I looked at, Nese just did not have a single bad picture. The man looks good from every angle. Even upside down! These are a lot of pics to go through, but I think you'll find that they'll be worth your time. (Photos by Scott Finkelstein)

Is that a body? Or is that a body?

Even when he's in pain, he's hot.

I wanna bearhug that, too.

You can't see his face here, but damn! He sure looks fine.

And that ass!


  1. God i could look at him all day everyday!

  2. "Even when he's in pain, he's hot."

    ESPECIALLY when he's in pain, he's hot!

    (Also, he kind of looks like Chris Masters.)