Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jim "Shoots" Andrew Davis

Regular contributor Jim from Chicago has another batch of great pics he took for us when he was in Canada several weeks ago. Jim writes: "Here are some shots I took in Sudbury, Ontario Canada of Andrew Davis taking on Highlander Robbie MacAllister July 7th 2011. The promotion was Maximum Pro Wrestling and the show was called 'Vendetta'. The bout ended in a no contest because Andrew's buddies interfered in the match." Thanks, Jim for all the awesome contributions. Keep 'em coming!


  1. Very nice. I'm digging the kilt.

  2. Thanks for sharing these photos ... I have seen pics of this guy kicked around other sites now and then but never had an i.d. until now ... he's very handsome and hot as hell!

  3. I have such a crush on Andrew Davis. He's absolutely beautiful.