Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jim "Shoots" Shiima Xion

Regular contributor Jim from Chicago is on a roll! His photos of Arya Daivari from a very recent indie event held in Milwaukee were posted on this blog yesterday. Today, I present to you Jim's fantastic photos of Shiima Xion who was featured in the same event. Jim writes: "Here are some shots of the handsome fellow Shiima Xion. That is the name he was billed under for the event. After a low blow by Darin Corbin, Shiima rallied and pinned Corbin for the win.  Shiima was  'hands down' the crowd favorite of the whole event.  After his win he was mobbed by adoring fans." When not wrestling for independent promotions, high-flier Shiima makes appearances on TNA Impact where he is billed as Zema/Zima Ion (5 ft. 8 in. tall, 180 pounds, from Manila, The Philippines).  Muchas gracias, Jim!



  1. Good looking Man but needs better outfit

  2. My sentiments exactly. Guys with great bodies like this need to get their gear from whoever supplies Justin Gabriel.

  3. He was way hotter with short hair and speedos.