Friday, August 12, 2011

True Colors

Check out the array of hues these beefcakes choose to wear to the ring.
Titus O'Neill goes for gold.

Yellow looks good on Robert Roode.

Brett Idol (aka Brett Barnes) has a case of yellow fever.

Blue suits Bobby Fish.

This unidentified wrestler likes royal blue.

Sky blue and shiny is this wrestler's choice.

Hot pink isn't just for girls anymore, right Dirty Money?

Drab you say? Eric Young disagrees.

Tango Timm looks juicy in orange.

Derrick Bateman can stop traffic in this bright get-up.

Why pick one color when you can wear 'em all?


  1. i wish my job was to help pick out and fit them in those!

  2. Nice job if you can get it, Leatherpigboy.

  3. hey friend ,who is royal blue wrestler?

    he is cool :)