Monday, August 1, 2011

NHB Battle Is No More

Sad news for fans of NHB Battle. The wrestling video company shut down its website and operations on July 29. The company head left this message on several Yahoo Groups:

The NHB BATTLE website will close on Friday, July 29. We take this opportunity to thank all the NHB BATTLE wrestlers over the last 15 years, over 250 wrestlers. Not only great athletes, but also great individuals that we were very proud to work with. We thank the wrestlers for their commitment, spirit, great personality and hard work. It has definitely been a super experience getting to know and appreciate all the wrestlers.

Thank you guys, just for being who you are!


I hope we don't see any more wrestling video companies shut down. Thank you NHB Battle for 15 years of quality entertainment.


  1. Very very very sad nhb has gone. 2 of the hottest wrestlers by far mighty Max Anderson. Great body with a handsome gental face. Superjobber material. Would have given anything to see him in a pro ring fullof rednecks cheering on the bad guys against some giant mused heel. Ditto Dylan walsh amazing body. And so handsome it made ur eyes hurt. There was a genuine imocence to both these guys they way they looked and carried the
    selves. They never looked arrogant or even if they had any idea how seriosly hot they were. This ups the hotness factor even more. And as a wrestle fan imagine either of these guys walking up to shake hands with 120 pound heavier. Mason Ryan as a heel in aredneck arena with a lovely open s
    smille to shake hands and wish their opponent luck. Superjobbers indeed I bought the DVDs and loved these guys. But in my imagination there were always giant pro wrestlers waiting with ropes chains and 4 by 2 planks of wood just outside the camera view. Hopefully max and Dylan will go pro or at least work with thunders arenna. Or bg I believe max was approached by one company but turned it down. Well thanks nhb for giving usthese astonishing hunks and slightly odd fantasies

  2. Does anyone know what brand and types of suits these guys are wearing in those videos? I can't seem to figure it out.

  3. Their outfits were one of their calling cards for sure, I'm not sure either.


    P.S. We'd shoot Max Anderson next year if anyone knows how to get a hold of him. ;-)