Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fantasy Battle Royale

If I could, I'd arrange a Battle Royale made up of these heavily-muscled Beefcakes of Wrestling. Who do you think would win?
Mason Ryan (formerly Barri Griffiths)

Bobby Lashley

Jo Atlas (France)

Rob Terry

Marcus Anthony

Jon Andersen

Shaun "The Hammer" Davis (UK)


  1. Has anyone ever really enjoyed a Battle Royale? There is too much and yet nothing going on at the same time. The ring is too full of wrestlers, so none of them can execute any hot moves. All natural rivalries and alliances are thrown away since it's every man for himself eliminating any sexy subtext. You can't see all the action because there's so much going on. Give me a singles or tag match anyday.

    Martha Stewart

  2. Kind of agree with Martha but still could be HOT

  3. Are you sure the ring can hold all that muscle? :)

  4. On the one hand, I agree with Martha, too much without any hot moves going on, but on the other hand it's usually one of the only ways to see my underutilized favorites. But THIS Battle Royale? Let's just hope several of the wrestlers will team up to outnumber and dominate one of the other muscular hopefuls. THAT'D be hot.

  5. Damn, talk about boner center! Don't know who would win, but there is so much muscle that it would not matter. But I do agree in that it is frustrating since you can't really see all the action. Marcus Anthony wins for best pecs.