Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mascagni's Muscle Family

Things are heating up at Ohio Valley Wrestling! The OVW website reports that on their January 25 show, "Christian Mascagni not only managed to secure Rob Terry to his Family, but has managed to seize power over OVW via the Board of Trustees. To begin his reign, he ordered Mr. PEC-Tacular (Jessie Godderz) to face opponent Nick Dumeyer and then interjected himself into official business (as the referee) in the main event (a match between fan fave Jason Wayne and Rob Terry)." After that match, The Mascagni Family, with Marcus Anthony in tow, started making trouble until Mike Mondo came out to teach the cocky heels a lesson. Looks like my wish of seeing Mike and Jessie in a feud is going to come true! (Photos by Pamela Barnett)
Jessie Godderz

Marcus Anthony

Rob Terry

The Mascagni Family

Robe Terry vs. Jason Wayne

Mike Mondo is not impressed.


  1. Jessie and Rob are two of my faves

  2. So cruel that this is not on TV! Glad I can get my hit here, though!

  3. What amazing bodies on Jessie, Marcus, Rob, and Mike. Hot as hell. Great pecs, buns, and bulges everywhere.