Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Matt Striker vs Caleb Konley

Two beefcakes squared off each against each other in PXW's "Funny Draws Money" show held last September 9th; indie wrestler Caleb Konley faced former WWE superstar Matt Striker. From these pictures, it looks like Striker was in control most of the time, but in the end, it was Konley who won. Maybe Striker could have taken this match if he didn't wear those awful baggy shorts. (Photos by Triple Threat Photography)


  1. What is the point of bothering to see Matt Striker wrestle, if he is going to wear that outfit ? Caleb was hot. Matt was not.

    1. i agree...bring back the trunks matt!!!!!

  2. Great to know Matt's still wrestling; WWE never should have dumped him. Meanwhile, it's obvious from these pics that he's still got quite the bod, so somebody PLEASE give him some decent gear. I'd even prefer snug knee length jeans like John Cena's to those clown pants.

  3. Nice...but what's with the disturbingly baggy short pants, Matt? Tight is right; especially upon Matt Striker's glutes, thighs, and crotch region! Caleb's Speedo-style, spandex trunks look great, but it'd've definitely been a hotter match, had Matt sported a similarly tight pair of skimpy, colorful trunks too!

  4. My goodness! Whatever possessed Matt Striker to wear those terrible baggy shorts? Tight trunks, with a decent bulge, are what he should be wearing, always.