Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Natural vs. The Icepick

On November 2, 2013, rookie upstart JJ Garrett takes on grizzled veteran Vic Capri one on one in a DREAMWAVE Wrestling's "Survivial of the Fittest" event.

"This match is significant for a couple of reasons. Garrett, since his debut, has been labeled by his peers as a "younger, more inexperienced version of Vic Capri." Garrett has been earmarked by management and some insiders as a "potential future star" in DREAMWAVE. This will mark the first time JJ Garrett has appeared on the main card of one of the core eleven DREAMWAVE shows, an opportunity he doesn't want to squander."

"Can "The Natural" overcome his inexperience to make the most of the rarest of opportunities? Or will "The Icepick" freeze out the young rookie?" Let's look at some pics.

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