Thursday, October 10, 2013

Throwback Thursday : Conrad Tanner

This edition of Throwback Thursday comes to us from a good friend of this blog and one of its regular contributors, Jim from Chicago. Back in 2010, Jim took these photos of Tanner in a match against Wade Barrett. This FCW bout was held in Fort Myers. Jim says that after Wade had Tanner strapped across his shoulders," he tossed him backwards onto the mat, then pinned him." Thanks for these amazing pics, Jim! I can't wait to see your next contribution.

Picture of the Week.


  1. Whatever happend to Conrad Tanner? He's one hot dude.

  2. His real name is Kyle Rasmussen, and is now a trainer and model. See:

  3. Wow! Connor is one hot muscle jobber - he looks shocked that he's losing, and then leaves the ring in shame, looking like a stud the whole time!