Friday, January 10, 2014

Double Post : Mike Petersen and Vic Capri

Australian wrestler Mike Petersen had quite the year. "2013 for me was really a year that I decided to outwork, overcommit, and push myself beyond the regular limits I had condemned upon myself," he writes. "As proud, grateful, and happy with 2103 as I was, and am, 2014 will soon be exceeding it." What a guy!

Mike Petersen with Saxon Huxley

Meanwhile over in the United States, Vic Capri is gearing up for his upcoming battle with Ruff Crossing. If you will be in the Joliet area on January 25, go see Vic in action.

Who knows? This might happen again.


  1. 2 of the hottest big boys of wrestling.

    ...I wish i'd been there for Capri's cheeky surprise (in the last photo) is there a video of this?

  2. Vic Capri is the HOTTEST. More Vic, more Vic! Hopefully his trunks will be pulled down again and again :)

    1. No such luck; and now, possibly to avoid a repetition of his being stripped, which has happened at least twice, he wears tights/leggings and covers those beautiful legs.