Monday, January 27, 2014

Warren Brady vs Chris Masters

Here are some pics from a 2013 match between former WWE superstar Chris Masters and fast-rising British wrestler Warren Brady. No word on who the victor was, although from looking at these pics, I would venture a guess that Masters won.



  1. I found this description at Varsity Wrestling:

    Back to the Wrestling and Warren Brady, whose Rick Rude like entrance did nothing to win over the noisy crowed, as the; boos and chants echoed as he posed and flexed, but the crowd soon perked up, when the music of former WWE superstar Chris ‘The Masterpiece’ Masters began. The crowd took the noise to a new level as he slowly walked around the ring, high fiving those lucky enough to be ringside (like me).
    For a good spell, Bradey had the upper hand in the match, but once Masters got a rhythm going, there was no stopping him, he out powered, out wrestled and out flexed the youngster, leady to Bradey falling victim to the dreaded Master lock. The roof almost lifted as Chris Masters celebrated, again interacting with his adoring fans.

  2. This was blogged by Wrestle Maniak on June 10 2013.