Thursday, January 2, 2014

Double Post : Strong and Striker

First off, I'd like to welcome the newest members who have recently joined this blog (now at 377). I hope you like what you see here. Now for some pics of Roderick Strong from a December 14th Ring Of Honor tag team match. Strong and his tag team partner Jay Lethal lost to the team of Eddie Edwards and BJ Whitmer. Looks like this was a pretty intense match and Strong has the bloody nose to prove it!

Now here's Matt Striker in a pre-Christmas show for Superstars of Wrestling. Matt was pinned by Kevin Matthews in this quick match; the former WWE superstar/commentator didn't even get a chance to remove his ring jacket during the entire bout. (All photos by Scott Finkelstein)

Pre-match photo op.


  1. Great start to 2014 :)
    Roderick is just crazily-handsome, he is like a hollywood star ...but thankfully we get to see him in just a pair of tiny trunks, grappling in a ring.

    It's also great to see Matt Striker back wrestling, who wants to see him as a commentator?! All we need now is for him to dig out the old trunks he used to wear that could never contain his big arse.

  2. I think that Rod Strong could very easily pass for Ryan Reynolds' hunky, younger brother. Does anyone else agree? Matt Striker's sure lookin' mighty 'FINE' these days! PLEEEASE…slip on a speedo and do what you do best, Mr. Teacher: 'STRIKE' a hot pose in the ring and proudly flaunt those beautiful, bulbous glutes, your broad, muscular back/shoulders, and that incredible, über-tempting, bulging package & 'taint' region of yours. ;P

  3. Christmastime, and some Grinch thought it would be a good idea for Striker to keep his jacket on? What is this world coming to.