Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Men In Black

What's your favorite kind of pre-match gear? A long, flashy robe (think Ric Flair)? A t-shirt (John Cena)? Me, I like black jackets. Black leather jackets, black hoodies, black track suits...anything as long as it's black.
Vic Capri

Tyler Bate

Matt Striker
Anthony Nese

Jesse Godderz

Mikey Webb

Kharn Alexander

Will Ferrara

Michael Elgin

Antonio Cesaro (formerly Claudio Castagnoli)
Black fur coats are okay by me, too. Ashton Vuitton


  1. Love a huge muscle wrestler wearing a black ninja mask!

  2. Capri looks so hot in his hoodie!

  3. Jackets and shirts and whatnot have never rung my bell. I can remember even as a young kid (more than 50 years ago) groaning when I saw someone enter the ring in any kind of cover-up groaning to myself and thinking, "Get that thing off quick!" I wanted to see muscle, not a fashion show, folks. Still do!