Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bobby Bluejay's Other Job

A reader of this blog, JoP, left a comment today on a post from February 2014 entitled Bobby Bluejay's Selfies :" Is Bobby Bluejay the same wrestler called Jimmy Reilly in Movimuswrestling?" First of all, I'm not familiar with Movimuswrestling so I had to do a little research. Turns out it's a company that offers "no holds barred submission wrestling with hot athletes in Speedos." Customers can access their library of matches streaming over the Internet or they can choose to download their favorite matches. You can check out their website here. So are Bobby Bluejay and Jimmy Reilly one and the same person? It would certainly appear so. Check out Bluejay's photos below and the screencaps from Movimuswrestling below (and for more images of "Beautiful" Bobby, go to my friend Joe's excellent blog Ringside At Skull Island).

Here are two more professional wrestlers who pick up a little extra cash by appearing in wrestling videos, this time for BG East.
Aleksander Chekhov aka Alex Chamberlain... BG East's Lane Hartley.

Chris Dickenson... BG East's Guido Genatto.

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  1. Someone knows other wrestlers who appears in wrestling videos?

    Check this: Tyler Black in Cyberfigth: