Friday, April 18, 2014

Double Post : Shark Attack!

Here's British wrestler Chris "The Shark" Andrews in a recent match for indie UK promotion Kamikaze Pro Wrestling. Chris' leaner opponent was not identified on the site these images were sourced from. Unfortunately, Chris lost the match after his opponent attacked him with a foreign object and pinned him to the mat.

Now here's Chris again from a few years back in a match against his younger, leaner brother Sam. Although Sam seems to be dominating the match in these pics, it was Chris who won at the end. Thanks to a good friend of this blog for sharing these images. (Photos by Sarah Barraclough)


  1. Chris's opponent in the first set of pics is Ryan Smile

  2. 2 30.03.2014 Kamikaze Pro Title: Ryan Smile (c) defeats Chris Andrews
    Kamikaze Pro Over The Top @ Meadway Sports & Social Club in Birmingham, West Midlands, England, UK