Sunday, April 13, 2014

Is It Halloween Already?

So have you seen Prince Devitt's new look? In case you even forgot what Devitt looks like (how could you?), here are some reminders.

But ever since he turned heel, Devitt has been sporting a very different new look. Several very different looks, in fact.

Devitt comes to each match as a different character, e.g. Spawn Devitt or Scarlet Spider Devitt. It must take hours to apply all that body make-up. Your thoughts? Is this a good look for him or not?


  1. No, but he is great no matter what. I saw one of these matches and the makeup was smearing and getting all over the opponent. Yuck. I always wonder what the other wrestlers think when they have to go against someone made up like that.

  2. I was prepared to hate it, because he looks so good unadorned. But that is some really good detail in that make-up! It's kind of beautiful, really.