Monday, August 25, 2014

Beefcakes In Action : Ten For Tuesday

Here are ten pics featuring great wrestling action. Which one is your favorite?
British wrestlers Charlie Garrett and Chris Andrews

Rockin' Rick Rauch

Unidentified Japanese Wrestlers

Roderick Strong

Chris Andrews

Drew Gulak vs Greek God Papadon

Mexx vs Robbie Dynamite

Alexander Chamberlain (formerly Aleksander Chekhov)

Unidentified Japanese Wrestlers

Unidentified British Wrestlers


  1. I cant find any youtube videos with Rockin' Rick Rauch. Can anyone else?

  2. To answer the question on my favorite pic is the first one.The contrast that in each wrestler has the summited and the victor.The smile an the pain.And the apreciation on each beefcake muscle.Definetly a great pic.The second is the first japanese wrestlers the 3 of them look veery good in body and gear.

  3. Anything with Charlie Garrett (pic 1) is my favorite. Mexx is a close second, but it has been difficult to find his recent matches as a heel.

  4. They all look wonderful, but Rockin' just speaks to me. Never heard of him before.