Thursday, August 28, 2014

Body Shots : Making An Entrance

First of all, I'd like to welcome the 405th member to this blog. Hope you like what you see here. Now let's get down to business: which of these beefcake wrestlers is your favorite entrance-maker?
Ethan Carter III (formerly Derrick Bateman/Mike Hutter)

Kharn Alexander

Anthony Nese

Shawn Spears

Mike Verna

Joe Coleman

Joey Ryan

Ashley Remington

Paul Ryker

Leon Shah

Scotty Saxon

Alexander Chamberlain (formerly Aleksander Chekhov)

Ricky McKenzie

Unidentified (M. Andrews?)


  1. Wow I am really amaze on all of them so different each one and yet so fabulous . GRrreat. Can WE have a part 2??

  2. They are great, but for sheer energy and razzamatazz, Alex Riley is the best.

  3. Holy Shit, Joe Coleman's bearded arrogant smerck and and the handcuffs hanging over those traps and resting on his beautiful pecs just rocked my world, so fawwwking hot!

  4. Un identified is mark andrews from pro wrestling kingdom

  5. Tony Nese can enter anytime/anyplace he wants!!

  6. the last wrestler is mark andrews from europe

  7. i did an interview with chris dickinson, that i think the fans of this site will like. i even ask him about his underwear and if he would sell them for his fans