Saturday, August 9, 2014

Rampage-ous (Part 3)

Here's another post featuring British heel-turned-face Rampage Brown. I'm not sure who his opponent here is, but Rampage has been on a winning streak lately, so I wouldn't be surprised if he won this match as well. (Photos by Tony Knox)


  1. I think his opponent is Stixx.

  2. If this indeed against Stixx, this may be the match involved. The profile image for Stixx doesn't look much like this guy, but that doesn't mean much. It also doesn't much resemble any other recent defeated opponent.

    16 27.06.2014. True Grit Cup First Round: Rampage Brown defeats Stixx
    TGW The TG Cup @ Control Nightclub in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, UK