Thursday, August 14, 2014

Swedish Beef

One of this blog's readers , Dr. Fever, asked in the Eurobeef post if anyone knew of any "Swedish hot wrestlers" and another reader, Almatolmen, answered by posting a link to a Swedish federation called GBG Wrestling. Two of the wrestlers in their roster can join the ranks of the other Eurobeef featured here: Don Kalif and Steinbolt (the images below are from the GBG website). Thanks to Dr. Fever and Almatolmen for bringing these Swedish bad boys to our attention.
Don Kalif


Steinbolt and Don Kalif


  1. Just look at those seductively bulging, oh so tasty and 'suck'-u-lent Swedish meaty-balls! :) Da hoy da boy!…Da boy da hoy! (The Swedish Chef from The Muppet Show)

  2. Very pleased to have been useful.